Cambro is one of Umeå University's two central learning management systems (Moodle is the second one: - see info further down the page). Cambro is organized into sites. A site is a collection of tools for information, communication and interaction between a group of people. There are two different types of sites - course sites and project sites. Course sites are used for teaching and has a direct connection to Umeå University's education programs/courses. Course sites are managed by the respective department and have an automatic function to add registered and admitted students to the course site. Thus, it is the department that  is responsible for adding students to a course site.

Both students and teachers can create project sites. In a project site there is no automatic link to Umeå University courses - these sites can for example be used for various projects. Tthe site owner (teacher or student) manually add participants to the project site. To be able to create a project the user must log in with their username central (CAS). A guest user can not create a project site.

Link: UMU IT-rules

Guide: Create a project site

Log in with CAS

As a student, you have will get a central user name (CAS). You will receive your login information when you are admitted to a course/program at Umeå university (after the second admission). You should use your central user name to log in to Cambro.

Read more about CAS and how to log in here

Membership of a site

For a student, there are three ways to become a member of a site

  1. In a course site admitted and /or registered students are automatically added to the site via student lists. Student lists are synchronized once a day. 

  2. In project sites the site owner (the creator of the site or the person who has the role of admin) manually add participants to the site. 

  3. Some sites (not very common) lets users add themselves to the site. Note that this function has nothing to do with you as a student registering for a course.

Your personal workspace (My Workspace)

When you log in Cambro you will see a tab called "My Workspace". It is your private site in Cambro. Here you can set the language (English or Swedish), profile picture, contact information, etc. You can also create your own project sites and invite other participants. When you are added as member of a site, the site will show up as new tab. If you get too many tabs you can choose to hide the tabs you do not want to see.

You will find the following links in my workspace:

When you click on a tab so that you will enter a site, you will end up on the site's homepage. A site is often, but not always the same as a course. In the menu on the left you can see the tools that are active in the course (forum, Resources etc.). For more information about the tools - click on Help in the left menu or in the blue question mark in the respective tool to open the topics and guides.

If you do not see a course tab that you think you should see

Sometimes you expect to see a tab for a site, but can not find it. Start by clicking on the tab "My active sites." See if you can find the site there. The next step is to go to the tab "My Workspace". Then click on Settings. Here you can see both visible and hidden sites. If you find the site in the column "Hidden sites", select it and move the site to the left column called "My active (visible) sites."

If you still can not find the site, you may not be a member of the site you are looking for. Then:

Wrong Learning Management System?

It might also be that your department are using a different learning management system than Cambro. In that case you should have been informed that you must log on to a different URL than Other learning management systems at Umeå university: