Cambro can be used for teaching, research, student work, or any other activity in which the participants have information they want to share by using tools such as chat, forums, filsamling or wiki. The use of Cambro must follow Umeå University's IT rules.

UMU IT-rules (swedish)

Cambro is organized into something called "sites". A site can be a course site or project site. These show up as tabs when the user logs in to Cambro. Anyone who has a central user name (CAS) can create project sites. Project sites are created inside the Cambro. 

Teachers and administrators can besides project sites create course sites. Course sites are unlike project sites linked to the LADOK system with an extended functionality to automatically retrieve admitted and registered students of the course and add them to a site. These student lists are updated once per day. To create and add participants (students and teachers) in a course site log in to ITS Service Desk (see the guide in the next section).

Create sites

Depending on whether you want to create a course or project site you follow different workflows. In general the creation of sites follows the same three basic steps:

1. Create the site
2. Create/copy content
3. Add participants

If it's a project site, the site owner may add participants directly, but if it is a course site, it could be wise to wait to add participants until after the content is created.

Guide: Create a course site (swedish)

Guide: Create a project site

Cambro help system

Cambro has a built-in help system in the left menu (Help). Click on the blue question mark to open a window with the help sections and How-To guides. There is also a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Each page in Cambro has the symbol for Help in the form of a blue question mark to the right. These question marks are context-sensitive, which means that they are aware of which tool is active when you click on the question mark. If you are using the forum tool and click on the question mark, the help section of the forum is opened.

Ask for support

Use this form and you will be contacted by our support service by e-mail. You can also look on the System Status in the menu on the the front page. Here you can read technical information about downtime, updates, problems and known bugs in the system.

Faculty Training

Centre for Teaching and learning offers traininig in Cambro. You can find more information on workshops and cources on their website here.