If you are a guest user and does not receive your password in your inbox, you can request that a new password is sent out by Cambro. Use the form on the right labeled "Request new password for guests." Enter your email address in the field and send the request. Cambro will send you a new password to your email address.

Log in to Cambro

There are three ways to log into Cambro: With a central user name (CAS) that is used by students and staff at Umeå University, as a guest user (external guests) or as a user from one of Sweden's other colleges and universities. Below is a description of these three login options. 

Log in with CAS (for students and staff)

Staff and students at Umeå University are to login with CAS (Central username). CAS is used to log on to a number of systems at Umeå University, such as University Library and the Student Portal. All staff and all students (after the second round of admissions) at Umeå University are given a central username. To this central username is also a primary email address connected. As a student you can choose this primary email address yourself.

Here is you can find more in-depth information about CAS and how to enable CAS account, how to change passwords, and how to select the primary email-address: Information about Central username

Note: Neither staff or students can change their email address inside Cambro. Cambro automatically retrieves this information from a directory service. Students can choose their primary e-mail address under "My Account" in Service Desk. Once the email address is changed, it may take up to 24 h before the new address appears in Cambro.

Staff should contact the directory administrator in their department to change the primary email address.

Log in as guest

Persons who are unable to get a CAS identity can be added to the site as a guest. To log in as a guest requires that someone has invited you to a site and registered your email address in the site. The guest's email address will be the username in Cambro. 

The password for a guest account is automatically sent out by Cambro when a guest first is added to a site. If a guest user need to get a new password, they can use the form to the right ("Reset password for guests").

Log in from other colleges and universities

CAS is not only used by Umeå University. If someone belongs to one of Sweden's other colleges and universities that use CAS, those persons can be added to a site and log in using their CAS identity. If this applies to you, choose "Log in with another university." Find the right college or university in the list and login.

Worth knowing:

Neither guests or CAS users from other colleges and universities can create their own sites in Cambro. They can only be admitted as participants in existing sites.